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BOONE — Winston-Salem JOURNAL STAFF reports that The North Carolina Energy Office is introducing a $3.7 million program to improve energy efficiency in homes, designating Appalachian State University’s Energy Center as one of two centers to work with the state.

The center and Systems Building Research Alliance, a nonprofit consortium of electric utilities and manufactured- and modular-home building companies, will work toward improving energy efficiency in nearly 2,500 single-family houses, 480 multifamily units and 1,700 manufactured homes.

The program is intended to demonstrate energy improvements make homes more attractive to buyers, generate demand for energy-efficient homes and result in long-term energy savings.

It is financed by the federal government as part of the stimulus program.

Modular Home Construction A Rising Star

In Real Estate Market

PRWeb – Among builders and buyers, modular shell construction strategies — the innovative fusion of the best off-site and on-site craftsmanship — have won enthusiastic followings.

Modular homes or additions are assembled in factories per the unique specifications selected by each buyer. Because the modular construction process is more closely controlled there is less waste, less construction site disruption and pollution, lower construction cost (typically 5-10 percent) and a project completion timeline that can be up to 30% shorter.

Many parts of a home are already pre-assembled in module form including window units, pre-hung door assemblies and stairways.

“The modular shell approach continues that trend by adding to the local contractor’s arsenal of products aimed at improving cost efficiency and overall performance, and is steadily gaining market share as a result,” says Curtis Fletcher, president of Curtcher Building Systems.

“We have seen online interest double in recent months, and expect this to continue as the economy recovers. Exterior and interior home feature options abound, and by using modular shells builders are able to bring in local craftsmen to achieve exactly the finishes they seek — directly benefitting the local economy.”

Consumers meanwhile are paying ever more attention to environmental issues involved in the home construction process, while states and municipalities continue to pass new laws and regulations that force the homebuilding industry to continually revise practices.

The result has been a “perfect storm” scenario, in which modular home construction providers have an inherent advantage.

Of course similar dynamics can benefit HUD Code manufactured housing housing as well.

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“Up next, Modular Homes join the Green Technology Movement”

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Modular Homes join the Green

Technology Movement


Going green is a hot topic in every industry and in every social circle. As people become more aware of the impact that they make on the environment, the need to be environmentally friendly becomes more important. People from every walk of life now seek ways to reduce and reuse in an effort to make the world a better place.

Modular home builders have also taken notice of this trend. In an effort to build environmentally low-impact housing builders have begun incorporating many green technologies in to modular home construction. There are several things that these builders have done to create a green living space. These actions include building methods and materials as well as the technologies incorporated into the modular homes.

Modular homes have always offered home buyers a way to purchase more home for their money. The prefabricated construction method greatly reduces construction costs. These savings are passed on to the consumer. These savings can result in a lower mortgage or the ability to buy more square footage.

Now, modular homes have become even more attractive. Many builders are now incorporating green technologies into the construction of the homes. Some builders will only now use wood from sustainable forests that are in their second growth. Others work using low impact methods in an effort to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. Some very innovative modular builders are now constructing homes only from recycled materials. The list is endless to the new ways these companies are truly making a difference.

Not only are the construction methods becoming more green, the products being offered are also. Modular homes now can be purchased with solar panels for energy, solar or tankless water heaters and insulation made from recycled materials. Interior and exterior materials can be made from recycled products of the home owner’s choice. Triple pane windows, low flow toilets and shower heads and Energy Star appliances can all be added to reduce the impact the house will have on the environment.

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