Modular Homes Hitting Millions in Australia

While most of the modular homes in Australia are for coastal and rural retreats, more architect-designed, multi-million-dollar prefabricated homes are being trucked 500 to 600 miles and craned into place, sometimes costing over $100,000 just for transport. While the prefab market in Australia is relatively immature, representing only about one percent of new constructions, compared with about four percent in the United States, Rob Colquhoun, managing director of Prebuilt, says, “Clients have become more sophisticated and aware of what can be done and the qualities that can be achieved through more resolved architectural design. It’s why [prefab] has become more mainstream. Instead of sub-$400,000, the market has moved from [projects costing] $500,000 to $1 million to $1.5 million.” Prebuilt works in partnership with architects Pleysier Perkins, according to what tells MHProNews. While many site-built homes run over cost and time, often dependent upon the weather and other environmental conditions, modular building removes those risks, saving time and money, especially if the owners have to find alternative housing during the build.

(Photo credit: Prebuilt–$1.5 million modular home)

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