Modular Homes Built to Ship Inexpensively

JetsonGreen reports Los Angeles-based Connect:Homes has developed a patented system for delivering their modular homes to reduce the overall expense. Noting costs to ship a prefabricated home cross country can amount to $100,000, but to send a container with 64,000 pounds of goods around the world for $5,000, founders Jared Levy and Gordon Stott have developed a framework that allows their homes to be transported by the intermodal shipping container network. Additionally, to circumvent the cost of renting a crane to offload the home at its site, which can run $15,000 a day, giant castors are used to roll the modules onto a foundation. As MHProNews has learned, Connect:Homes include LED lighting, recycled content glass countertops, insulation to maintain interior comfort in any climate, and other features that build credits toward LEED Certification. Homes start at $140 per square foot out of the factory.

(Photo credit: Bethany Nauert-West End/JetsonGreen)

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