Modular Home Unfolds from the Ground Up

A one-and-a-half-minute video from the Asbury Park, New Jersey Press website, via USA Today/Gannett, documents in time lapse sequence, the erection of a modular home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The female voiceover starts: “Factory built homes are becoming more greener and stylish. As this video shows, a Massachusetts based company, Blu Homes, can build an entire house in its factory in weeks, and transport it anywhere in the US by a flatbed truck.” The footage shows the wrapped unit being lifted by a large crane from a flatbed and lowered to the ground as workmen scurry to do the set up. “Within hours the home is placed on a previously laid foundation, and due to a new technology, the walls unfold. Its solar ready roof panels are then attached,” the voice says, as the workers move along the scaffolding to finish the 1200 sq ft home with its two bedrooms, office, and a living-dining room area. Another week is needed to complete the electrical hookups. The footage than switches to a woman looking out of her sliding doors in her solar-powered $160,000 double-section, lovely home, exclaiming that she loves the natural light and the compactness. “Other companies are now offering modern, as well as traditional looking homes, that are so efficient, that roof-top solar panels and wind turbines supply all the power they need,” her voice emphasizing the last five words, as the video pans from a home with an attached deck overlooking a very pleasant green valley, back to the original modular home in North Carolina as the workers put on the finishing touches. The quote at the bottom of the screen says: “Forget the doublewides of old. Today’s factory-built homes include cutting-edge technology that enables them to produce as much energy as they use or ship easily across the country.”
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