Modular Home Manufacturing Plant Quashed

Updating a story MHProNews posted Oct. 28 regarding the repurposing of the crumbling Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit into a modular home manufacturing facility by a Texas doctor and her investors, as of this writing that will not happen. The reports Dr. Jill Van Horn, a family physician in Ennis, Texas with no known experience in development entered the winning bid of $6 million for the vast property. In a statement, the Van Horns say they want to transform Detroit by providing education, jobs and vocational training for city residents. However, the Van Horns missed a $2 million partial payment deadline, and despite a request for a two week extension, the Wayne County deputy treasurer said the county cannot wait that long and canceled the sale. The doctor and company’s statement said they are ready to buy every dilapidated and abandoned apartment in Detroit. “Not only are we prepared to show that we have the ability to perform, but we are ready to perform,” says the statement. The opportunity has apparently passed.

(Photo credit: National Association of Home Builders–modular home under construction)

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