Modular Home has No Furnace

CalgaryHerald reports from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Igloo Prebuilt Homes in Acheson turns out a modular home each day. The “balanced air” model can save $300/mth in energy costs without a furnace. The walls are twice as thick as a conventional home with six-inch thick mineral wool insulation, producing an R-45 rating, more than twice the R-20 rating of conventional homes. The UltimateAir system, operating constantly, contains a heating coil that recovers 94% of the existing heat in a house and uses it to heat incoming fresh air, balancing the air flow in the home at all times. “Think of this as a parka for the home. We wrap it. In winter the walls are the same temperature as the air in the home, they are not cool,” says Tarry Tweed of Igloo. has learned the modular homes are 1,800 to 2,000 square feet.

(Photo credit: Igloo Prebuilt Homes/Candace Elliot)

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