Modular Home Combines Old and New

InmanNews reports the modular house built on site at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry in 2008 has had another interior facelift.  This year’s theme for the “Smart Home,” as it is called, is “green” and high tech.  The upholstery on the couch is made of old automobile tires, and the kitchen cabinets are 1940’s University of Chicago laboratory cabinets.  The bathroom mirror connects to Facebook, displays time, temperature and traffic reports and can track your weight. The solar-powered toothbrush combines electrons with normal oral acidity to clean your teeth without toothpaste.  The electronic bulletin board in the kitchen tracks individual family activities, sending text messages to each member.  The large old cabinet in the living room that once held mail in a post office has a flat screen TV on top that tracks energy use throughout the house.

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