Modular Growing in Mozambique

MHProNews has learned Vela Building Systems (VBS) of South Africa is spreading its modular housing operations and community infrastructure building into other countries in Southern Africa, like Mozambique, where the growth rate is seven percent annually, and Namibia. Anticipated to be the second fastest growing region in the world over the next ten years, Vela expects to build on its current presence in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as well as Zambia. As foreign investment increases in the continent’s natural resources, more modular housing will be needed to provide living quarters for workers in Mozambique’s coalfields as well as for workers drilling for offshore natural gas deposits. The DRC is expected to need housing for the copper and cobalt mines in the DRC, in Angola for its oil industry, and the expansion of coal production in Botswana. Eprop za says a current VBS project is the construction of 1,600 modular homes for a government housing development in Angola.

(Photo credit: Associated Press/modular man camp)

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