Micro Modular Apartments: Sanity versus Salary?

While New York City and other crowded urban areas attracting young professionals are turning to micro modular apartments of 200 to 400 square feet–as MHProNews posted here May 27, 2013–mental health professional are citing psychological problems that may result from such tight quarters. “Sure, these micro-apartments may be fantastic for young professionals in their 20’s,” Dak Kopec, director of design for human health at Boston Architectural College told the Atlantic. “But they definitely can be unhealthy for older people, say in their 30’s and 40’s, who face different stress factors that can make tight living conditions a problem.” Not only do children need more space to flourish, but a cramped living environment may lead to alcoholism, domestic abuse and claustrophobia. As Vincent Mancuso says in observer.com, “The apartments are supposed to enable single city dwellers access to a cheaper alternative to sky-high rents, but tenants might be choosing between their sanity and their salaries.”

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