MHI Welcomes Five New Members Appointed to the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC); Responds to Inaccurate Statements

FHA Commissioner David Stevens has signed appointment letters for five new Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) members bringing it to its full capacity of 21. The newest members are:

    • Manuel Santana, Director of Engineering for CAVCO Industries in Phoenix, AZ


    • Greg Scott, President of ScotBilt Homes in Waycross, GA


    • David Tompos, President of NTA, Inc. in Nappanee, IN – a HUD Primary Inspection Agency


    • Tim King, Head of the State Administrative Agency in Albany, NY


    • Mark Mazz, an architect in Hyattsville, MD – specializing in accessibly issues


The MHCC is a federal advisory committee that plays a critical role in advising HUD on issues as required by the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. MHI has enjoyed a seat on the MHCC since its inception.

MHI would also like to address false statements made about its involvement in the MHCC. Any statement that MHI bowed out as a participant of the MHCC several years ago is simply untrue. MHI has had three staff persons serve as direct members of the MHCC since it was created. MHI has been the industry leader in the drafting and shaping of the HUD Code since before the MHCC was created, and will continue to serve that critical role.

While MHI would certainly be supportive of continuing its collective representation of the industry on the MHCC, MHI does also believe that direct industry representation by industry members is extremely valuable and may lead to a more productive MHCC.

MHI will continue to be an active participant in the MHCC and its committees, and looks forward to working with all members of the MHCC.

Commissioner Stevens has also approved a new MHCC charter and bylaws. Click here to review the charter. Click here to review the new bylaws. HUD has been working for several months with the General Services Administration (GSA) and HUD OGC’s Office of Ethics to develop both a charter and bylaws for the MHCC that better track those used by the other federal advisory committees under GSA’s supervision. It is hoped that the process changes provided for in these new documents will promote more efficient development and review of standards and regulations proposals for HUD by the MHCC.

Source: MHI Week in Review, February 1, 2010

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