MHI Week In Review — September 27, 2013

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Support Builds for H.R. 1779

Since the month-long Congressional recess in August, more than 30 U.S. Representatives added their names as co-sponsors to H.R. 1779. Currently, 80 Representatives have co-sponsored the measure and support continues to grow. MHI thanks its members and the national network of state associations for their hard work in urging Representatives to co-sponsor this important legislation (to view a current list of co-sponsors, click here).

As has been previously mentioned, provisions of H.R. 1779 were included in GSE reform legislation (PATH Act; H.R. 2767) that was approved by the House Financial Services Committee. MHI staff continues to work with committee staff to seek an opportunity to move the legislation separately.

While the CFPB has provided some key relief in recent rulemakings to the manufactured housing industry – with respect to appraisals and the calculations of points and fees – work still remains to be done to amend HOEPA triggers and the Loan Originator definition to better represent the needs of the manufactured housing market. Absent regulatory relief, statutory change is necessary.

The industry is asked to continue its outreach efforts to U.S. Representatives. Urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 1779. For more information, click here to access MHI’s action alert.

MHI Submits Comments on HUD Proposed Rule on Ground Anchors and Manufactured Home Installations

On September 24th, MHI submitted comments to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on its proposed rule published in the Federal Register on July 23, 2013, to amend the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards to establish standardized test methods to determine ground anchor performance. The proposed rule is almost identical to the proposal submitted by MHI to the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee in 2010, which unanimously approved it in 2011. The recommendations are the culmination of a decade of work by HUD and the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee, and MHI’s Technical Activities Committee, to develop a nationally recognized protocol called for in the HUD Code.

MHI told HUD in its comments, that it questions the need for the new protocol, since virtually all anchor designs have been tested by a registered professional engineer or architect or are listed, and all states with installation programs have recognized the industry standard. Therefore, MHI recommends that all such ground anchors be grandfathered and that proposed HUD requirements apply only to new anchor designs.

For over 35 years, the ground anchor industry has successfully manufactured anchors that when installed in accordance with home manufacturer’s and anchor manufacturer’s instructions, have provided the required structural integrity and durability to prevent foundation and installation failures, even in high wind events. MHI’s comments cited data and reports demonstrating this fact.

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