MHI to Announce Staff Changes

Sources tell that MHI will announce a staff change today. Rae Ann Bevington, who has filled the role of Vice President of Legislative Affairs at the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), MHI-PAC director and other duties is leaving to take on a new association role with ACA International, an international association of credit and collection professionals, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her new position, Bevington will be responsible for raising the association’s profile and brand on Capitol Hill. When asked about the change, MHI President Richard A. “Dick” Jennison confirmed the fact and said they are sorry to lose Bevington, who has served MHI well for some 5 years. “Any departure from any key employee is a tough one.” Jennison said. “She will be missed. We are actively looking for replacements to fill her role.” Jennison made it clear that Bevington is leaving on good terms, and that she has offered to help in the recruiting process for her replacement. Jennison was also asked to confirm who is filling the role of Lisa Brechtel, Vice President and Executive Director of MHI’s National Communities Council (NCC). Jennison confirmed that Bruce Savage has been filling Brechtel’s role, while she is on maternity leave. “Bruce knows the industry, so there is no learning curve.” Jennison said. He added that the NCC role is “too important” to leave unfilled during Brechtel’s leave.

(Image credit: Manufactured Housing Institute)

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