MHI Preparing to Comment on Proposed On-Site Completion Rule Published in Federal Register

On June 23 HUD published a HUD proposed rule in the Federal Register establishing a procedure whereby construction of new manufactured housing can be completed at the installation site.

Click Here for the Proposed On-Site Completion Rule.

The proposed rule which was first considered by the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) in 2003, establishes uniform procedures for completing construction of a manufactured home on site, rather than in the factory. Current requirements set forth in the Section 3282.14 of the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS) require a manufacturer to obtain HUD approval for on-site completion of each of its designs for which it wishes to complete construction at the home site rather than in the factory.

The proposed rule contains uniform procedures for completing construction on site without advanced approval from HUD. This proposed rule will not apply to on-site construction that relates to the installation of the home and which is subject to the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards. The on site completion process proposed by this rule is for homes that comply with the requirements of the MHCCS and the current alternative construction process in the Procedural and Enforcement Regulations would be reserved for homes with the use of new designs or techniques that do not comply with the MHCSS.

Examples of the types of on site construction proposed to be covered by the proposed rule are; completion of dormer windows; addition of stucco; stone or other siding subject to transit damage; retailer changes to the home, such as add-ons subject to requirements established by the local jurisdiction when the home is taken out of compliance temporarily; the assembly of any multistory design that conforms to the MHCSS when finished; and certain types of hinged roof and eave construction that are not exempted as installation by the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards {285.801(f)}.

Comments are due on this proposed rule by August 23, 2010. MHI will submit comments and will be soliciting input from members.

MHI members with questions can contact Lois Starkey at

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