MHI Meets With FEMA Emergency Housing Team

This week MHI meet with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) emergency housing team to learn more about FEMA’s policies towards handling the current surplus of homes in inventory and the future plans and policies of FEMA as they make ready to secure new housing structures for the next emergency. This was a very productive meeting as the FEMA housing team is relatively new and wants to engage industry members to help achieve the mission of the organization. FEMA indicated they intend to sell all remaining homes in inventory, and have no policies necessitating removal of the HUD-label. Only in the case of where the home is deemed uninhabitable will the label be removed. MHI voiced concerns about general policies and procedures of recirculating FEMA homes back into the marketplace. MHI also raised its support of S 713, which requires FEMA to appropriately address the surplus inventory and evaluate current practices. FEMA responded that they would like to work more directly with the industry, as much as they can, with regards to procurement, acquisition, and disposition of emergency housing units. MHI believes that an open, competitive, and transparent process will ultimately result in a better process for all involved, and better value for the diaster victims. MHI will be working more closely with FEMA over the coming months ahead as they develop their future goals for procurement and acquisition.

MHI would like to recognize the efforts of JD Harper and the Arkansas MHA for their continued efforts on FEMA issues. For more information, contact Thayer Long at (703) 558-0678 or or Rae Ann Bevington at (703) 558-0675 or

Source: MHI Week in Review

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