MHI Elects Leadership and Honors Individual Achievements

During MHI’s Annual Meeting, the following members were elected to serve as MHI Officers in 2011: Chairman, Joe Stegmayer, Cavco Industries, Inc./Fleetwood Homes; Vice Chairman, Don Glisson, Jr., Triad Financial Services, Inc.; Secretary, Kevin Clayton, Clayton Homes; and Treasurer, Nathan Smith, SSK Communities. Ken Cashin, Windstorm Holdings, Inc., will continue to serve on the Executive Committee in his role as Immediate Past Chairman.

A complete list of the 2011 MHI Board of Directors will be available next week.

“On behalf of MHI, we thank Ken Cashin for his strong leadership, dedication and countless hours of hard work as the leader of the association during these challenging times for the industry,” said MHI Executive Vice President Thayer Long. “With a high level of experience and dedication, the 2011 officers, led by longtime industry leader Joe Stegmayer, will continue to provide strong direction for this industry and help guide us in pursuing our top legislative and regulatory priorities in the coming year.”

In addition, 2010 awards were presented during MHI’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Don Glisson, Jr., Triad Financial Services, Inc. was awarded the prestigious Chairman’s Award. The award is presented by the MHI Chairman in recognition of outstanding contributions to the organization and industry.

Over the past two years, Glisson spent countless hours working with the leadership and staff making important decisions to ensure that the association would stay on track financially to best serve its members.

Glisson and his employees have provided important guidance and loan performance information to the HUD and Ginnie Mae staff as the industry has worked to achieve full implementation of the Title I reforms authorized by Congress. He willingly shares his expertise leading workshops and participating on panels at industry events and is a major sponsor of MHI events, once again helping the association financially in a major way. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of MHI, serving on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Jim Ayotte, Executive Director, Florida Manufactured Housing Association, was selected by his peers as the 2010 State Association Executive of the Year. This award identifies a state association executive who has achieved a high level of success throughout the year.

Ayotte has led the industry by example with tireless devotion, commitment and innovative thinking. He made several tough decisions to reduce operating expenses and preserve core programs and services for the association this year, resulting in a leaner and more focused organization. As a result, the association is now positioned to fully fund programs and services to educate and attract new homebuyers and residents.

He attacks industry issues effectively through understanding the situation, setting goals for the industry, developing a plan, educating others, obtaining buy-in, and executing with confidence. Inherent in this process is gathering good information and having honest communication. This process has allowed Jim Ayotte to build relationships within and outside the industry.

The most challenging issue of the year was legislation adverse to community owners which would have reduced the value of every manufactured housing community in the state. The association worked cooperatively with the statewide homeowners association to advocate a moderate legislative proposal. The relationship with the homeowner’s organization was key in keeping this adverse legislation from advancing and in the end, no legislation adverse to the interests of community owners was passed.

Bill Farish, Director of Engineering – Commercial Structures for Clayton Homes was honored with the Frank Walter Standards Award. This award recognizes individuals who have made vital contributions to the development of codes and standards for the manufactured housing industry, ensuring that our homes are built to the highest level of quality for our customers.

Farish has worked in the industry for 33 years. He is a registered professional engineer in 30 states and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and his Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

He was a founding member of the HUD Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee and is a past chairman of the MHI Technical Activities Committee. He currently provides excellent leadership as chairman of the Systems Building Research Alliance. These activities require countless hours of service to the industry above and beyond normal professional work schedules and his counsel is always in high demand in the technical arena of our industry.

Farish has received several of MHI’s highest honors in the past including the MHI Chairman’s Award in 2003.

Finally, Mark Dillard, Executive Director of the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina, was presented with the Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award. This award recognizes a state association executive who has demonstrated a unique ability to communicate effectively with industry, public officials, and consumers, in order to advance and promote the interests of the industry.

Dillard is a long-time state association executive who is well respected for his communication skills and innovative ideas. The association produces a magazine that is lively, colorful and attractive. All of the articles and photographs are produced by the staff and focus specifically on the state. The magazine goes beyond association events to emphasize “hard news” with a direct impact on members. Feature articles, humor, and many photographs of familiar faces are combined to draw in not just owners and managers but also “rank and file” employees as well. The association’s philosophy is that the industry benefits when everyone at all levels is well-informed.

The association’s Website, has rapidly become an indispensible tool for computer-savvy members. The online membership directory is updated weekly giving members the latest information on data changes, new companies and new employees in the industry.

Congratulations to these excellent industry leaders and role models. It is the strong leadership of MHI and award winners such as these that will move the industry forward to reach its greatest potential.

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