MHI Continues Efforts on Manufactured Home Dodd-Frank Issues

MHI continues its advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to reform targeted portions of the Dodd-Frank Act and provide relief from potential burdensome regulations for millions of low- to moderate-income manufactured homeowners.

While the CFPB designated transfer date is less than a month away (July 21, 2011), final regulations could potentially take up to an additional 30 months to go into effect. MHI is tracking and will be commenting on a variety of mortgage finance provisions.

MHI’s activities include current negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate to develop bi-partisan consensus on legislative revisions to ensure access to manufactured housing finance remains available and affordable to millions of American families.

While the impact of Dodd-Frank is serious business and will add more regulations and costs on all financial transactions, MHI heeds caution to those reporting catastropic and systemic failure in the manufactured housing lending business.

For additional information, visit the MHI Dodd-Frank Resource Page at Click here or members can contact Jason Boehlert at 703.558.0660 or

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