MHI Holds Conference Call with State Association Executives SAFE and FHFA “Duty to Serve” Among Priority Topics Discussed

On Tuesday, August 10, MHI held one of its regularly scheduled conference calls with MHI member state association executive directors. Over 30 state associations participated on the call.

Click here for the call Briefing Packet.

Included in the call were discussions on the August Congressional recess and the opportunities to advance the industry’s issues in the House and Senate Members’ districts during the break.


MHI is seeking co-sponsors for the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE) of 2008 and a member of the Senate to introduce companion legislation. Members have been asked to urge their members of Congress to take action on the industry’s behalf. In addition, MHI staff and members met with the Conference of State Banking Supervisors (CSBS) and HUD last week as a follow-up to the letter submitted by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Frank and Ranking Member Bachus communicating the adverse impact the SAFE Act is having on the manufactured housing industry which was not the intent of Congress, and urging HUD to consider issuing clarifying guidance to assist the states and the industry on activities which should not be construed to trigger SAFE Act licensing activities. MHI will be working closely with members as this develops.

If you are a member and have questions, contact MHI Vice President of Government Affairs Jason Boehlert at

FHFA Duty to Serve

The FHFA has received over 1,000 comments on its Proposed Rule on Duty to Serve Underserved Markets with many of them coming from the manufactured housing industry and residents of manufactured homes demanding they reconsider the position not to include personal property loans. State associations were encouraged to request that their Congressional delegations send comments to FHFA in the form of letters even though the comment period has ended.

If you are a member and have questions, contact MHI Vice President of Government Affairs Jason Boehlert at

Energy Issues

Updates were given on the legislation to provide energy efficient tax credits of $7,500 to owners of pre-76 manufactured homes that purchase new Energy Star manufactured homes, a decommissioning amount of $2,500 for disposing of the old home, and the possible usage of $6,500 in weatherization funds to assist the homeowner in making the purchase. Staff encouraged state associations to contact their members of Congress while they were home on break to seek more co-sponsors for the legislation, S. 1320.

If you are a member and have questions, contact MHI Vice President of Political and Legislative Affairs Rae Ann Bevington at


Finally, HUD has called a meeting of Council of State Administrative Agencies (COSAA) which will be held September 14-16 in the Washington, DC area. This will be the first meeting of COSAA in nine years. This is an open meeting, and MHI members and state association executives participation is extremely valuable.

If you are a member and have questions, contact MHI Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Lois Starkey at

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