MHC Residents: Incomes Chasing Rents

MHProNews has learned from castanet in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada residents of SunRise Village MHC are concerned that rising rents may force them out of their homes, especially seniors on fixed incomes. With annual rent increases that include two percent above inflation, rents are rising faster than incomes, and residents are concerned site rents may rise $20 a month. A petition with nearly 400 signatures will be taken to the legislature with hopes of amending the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act (MHPTA) so the increase would be two percent land rental and 1.8 percent maintenance to allow for inflation. Residents contend four percent per year is too high. Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Steve Thompson says a balance must be struck between what residents can afford and the return for owners sufficient to prevent the land from being developed for other uses.

(Photo credit: castanet–Sunrise Village, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

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