MHC Owner Gets Utility Break from City

IBerkshires reports from Williamstown, Massachusetts, the Board of Selectmen voted to give an MHC a deduction for their water and sewage bill due to the damage from Tropical Storm Irene. All 273 people were displaced from the 225 homes, and the owner of the Spruces Mobile Home Park, Morgan Management, declared a “rent holiday” for residents for September. “It would be the Selectmen and the residents of Williamstown’s contribution — if you will — in helping to sustain the Spruces manufactured housing community and make it perhaps a little more possible for the park to continue in the long run,” says Town Manager Peter Fohlin. Only 36 of the homes have been approved for occupancy, and Fohlin does not expect more than 50 to be ready before winter sets in. “I feel OK about doing this given the fact that Morgan Management suspended the rent,” Selectman David Rempell said. “They did not have any revenue coming in and that’s an appropriate action on their part. In supporting that action, I would be okay this consideration but I want to make it clear that this is just for September.” Spruces residents have until Nov. 2 to apply for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

(Photo credit: iBerkshires)


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