MHC Addresses Inaccurate

The elkodaily reports from the northeastern part of Nevada, some years ago about 1,100 homes were given the wrong addresses, 75% of those in manufactured housing communities. Either the numbers are out of sequence or they are on the wrong side of the street in Elko, defying digital map-based software for identifying specified locations, routes, and fire hydrants in police and fire emergencies. Plus, without an Enhanced 9-1-1 system that matches the caller to physical addresses, a dispatcher retrieves emergency calls and relays the address to the appropriate squad. Changing someone’s address requires each person to update their new address with everyone who sends them mail—utilities, credit card cos., relatives, motor vehicle bureaus, etc. Two MHC owners objected it would confuse some of their residents, while one councilman mentioned compensating residents for the inconvenience. MHProNews has been informed city engineer Tony Ferguson says, “We will do things to help ease this as much as we can, but we are somewhat limited as to what our abilities will allow us to do.” The city will implement the changeover beginning with 100 residences in the Southgate Mobile Home Park, and conduct a public workshop in advance.

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