MHARR Uses Executive Order to Press HUD on In-Plant Regulation

The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) sent out a bulletin indicating an Executive Order regarding federal regulation issued by the White House on over-regulation marks a major policy and has implications for manufactured housing as a federally-regulated industry. “In fact,” the bulletin states, “it appears this Order almost could have been written with the HUD Code manufactured housing industry in mind.  Its focus is on promoting the type of fair, reasonable and open regulatory environment that the HUD Code industry needs to thrive while serving consumers of affordable housing.  Among other things, it states, as Administration policy, that the federal regulatory system, while protecting health and safety, must also advance ‘economic growth, innovation, competitiveness and job creation’ through an ‘open exchange of information’ that includes ‘affected stakeholders,’ exactly the opposite of what is happening today in the HUD program.” The bulletin also indicates MHARR President Danny Ghorbani acted to press HUD officials to fully comply with this order as it  relates to all aspects of the federal manufactured housing program including, most importantly, its ongoing rapid expansion of in-plant regulation.  See related materials here:

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