MHARR Announces New Website

Washington, D.C., September 9, 2019 – The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), a Washington, D.C.-based trade association representing producers of manufactured housing regulated under federal law by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced today the establishment of its new internet website, which can be found at

MHARR, which was formed in 1985 to represent the views and interests of independent manufactured housing producers, primarily in relation to matters involving regulation by HUD and other federal agencies, has, in recent years, branched-out into other areas affecting the production and sale of federally-regulated manufactured homes, including, but not limited to, discriminatory zoning and placement restrictions, and efforts to expand the availability of consumer financing for purchases of manufactured homes.

The MHARR website, which will be open to both members and the public on an equal access basis, will feature regulatory comments and correspondence, industry trade press articles, production reports and other news and information pertaining to the manufactured housing industry and MHARR’s efforts in Washington, D.C. on behalf of smaller industry businesses.

In Washington, D.C., MHARR President and CEO, Mark Weiss, stated: “MHARR is extremely pleased to offer this website to both our members and the public, in order to highlight the benefits and advantages of inherently affordable HUD Code manufactured homes. It will also  provide accurate and factual information to federal decision-makers, other industry members and the public at large regarding MHARR’s ongoing efforts to ensure fair and reasonable regulation of the industry, financing parity with other types of housing, the inclusion of manufactured housing in all relevant government housing programs, and the availability of high-quality and durable manufactured homes at a price that is affordable, without subsidies, for Americans at every rung of the economic ladder.”

Weiss continued: “MHARR’s website will be updated with new information on a regular basis and will fill what is now a significant void for the industry, government and elected officials, as well as the public at large, in that it will offer specific, detailed information on key regulatory and related issues from the unique perspective of the industry’s traditional core of smaller businesses. That information, moreover, will not be hidden behind ‘membership walls,’ or other restrictive devices.”

The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association representing the views and interests of independent producers of federally-regulated manufactured housing.



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