MH Community Charged with Responsibility for Abandoned Homes

The Johnson County Health Department in Iowa City, Iowa, has denied the Regency Mobile Home Park’s appeal to charges it is not responsible for 28 abandoned manufactured homes that pose a health and safety risk. While agreeing that the homes need to be disposed of, Regency claims the responsibility for the unoccupied homes belongs to the owners, and that it would cost Regency hundreds of dollars to have them declared abandoned, plus the cost of removing the debris. The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports the homes had broken windows, doors, and walls, and probably contained asbestos. In denying the appeal, the board of health asserted that one of the risks of doing business was responsibility for abandoned homes. The case will likely go before a magistrate judge. In addition, the consumer protection division of the state attorney general’s office has an ongoing investigation of Regency for allegations of fraudulent sales and deceptive business practices.

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