MH Code Enforcement in East Central Texas

After the Bryan, Texas City Council and inspectors from various departments toured the 37 LLCs in the city in 2010, 117 factory-built homes had their utilities cut for safety reasons and 14 were demolished. 32 of the communities were affected. The ordinance to regulate the communities had been on the books since 1976 but had not been enforced. TheEagle tells some of the community owners had abandoned homes they could not remove. While most MHC owners supported the enforcement effort, the city charged each community $500, plus $10 for each home site. The owners objected, saying the $500 base fee was inequitable when comparing the small communities to the larger ones. The city dropped the $500 fee Feb. 14, but the $10 fee for each home took effect immediately. “It is an effort that many, many different departments in the city have made to ensure that things that people drive and places they live are safe,” said Kevin Russell, director of development services.

(Photo credit: Tristar Estates)

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