Who Says So?

Millions of times daily, people turn to Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a quick definition of a word, acronym or phrase. Dictionaries are thought to have some 'authority,' we expect their definitions to be accurate. Sadly, when it comes to defining a "manufactured home," don't count on it.

Who says so? Well, just take a look for yourself and see.

The first result that pops up every time I ask Google on my iPad for the "definition manufactured home" is as follows:

Do you see why this is not only disappointing, but arguably harmful to the image our industry? Do you want a "house trailer?" Do people who pay cash or have good credit aspire to own a "house trailer?" This came from Princeton U?  You've got to be kidding!

But sadly, it is true. Let me suggest that we can't keep shrugging our shoulders and letting nonsense like this just slide by!

I'm beginning to think we need an "Anti Defamation League" for Manufactured Housing.

This definition shown on Google, above, is from the WordNet project at Princeton. Here is what I emailed to:

Subject line = A problem with your definition of "manufactured home"

WordNet Team

Pardon me for starting with respected Princeton to make this point, but the definition your institution used for "manufactured home" is amazingly flawed.

I am hereby requesting that you update your flawed definition ASAP to reflect a proper one for manufactured housing. Kindly advise me of your response, so that we too may follow up appropriately with readers and industry members.

Thank you.

Please take a minute, right now, and email the Princeton U WordNet team yourself. Please CC or BCC me at for added impact. Use the above, or modify it as you see fit.

Then, forward a copy of your message that you email to to your professional team mates and associates, and ask them to do the same.

Fellow manufactured home owners, leaders and professionals, It will only get worse if we fail to get institutions to show us the basic respect of a proper online definition!

We posted the article linked in the message above:

Which is on our general public focused, website for a reason. We want to keep this site focused for professionals. Here manufactured housing owners, leaders, professionals, researchers and investors come for the Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use. We aren't looking for 'general public' traffic here on

Everyone who cares about our industry should want an ever growing amount of traffic on, especially on topics like this one.

Think about all the interest groups that made the stature of their group STRONGER by simply taking a stand. We can, should and must do the same!

  • If every association leader,
  • If you and a few dozen of your colleagues and team mates do this

I predict if enough of you do this, one of two things will happen.

1) Princeton will change their definition, and TOGETHER, we will have Taken a Step to Improve our Industry's Image. Or

2) With enough copies of cc'd or bcc'd messages in my inbox, I can take that info and show case it in ways that will compel Princeton to change the definition and will benefit our Industry's image and standing in the public square in the process.

You do your part by emailing, and I will do mine.

Let's win this one. I can't do this alone. Together, yes, we can! Please. Just do it. ##

PS: Respected Tx MHRetailer's letter to WordNet is linked here, frankly, this and the one below from an MHC manager are better than mine!

This one is from GMHA's Jay Hamilton, polite and powerful.

These are not the only ones that Princeton's WordNet team has received.  Take a look and use one of the above, modify or write your own, but either way, please do this!  Email

Thank you.


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