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Warren Buffett, financing, #6 – dropping a dime – to FEDs on a Big One?

It isn’t perfect and the challenges are far from easy, but America is a good place. Something similar can be said about the manufactured housing (MH) industry. Not perfect, numerous challenges, solid opportunities and MH is the best value in new home construction.

Warren Buffett doesn’t skim, he reads. He reportedly reads a lot! Setting politics aside, Buffett gets business results. Coincidence? 








We’ll look at another billionaire in a moment.

The Masthead  had two entirely different blog posts drafted, or:

  • we could have picked the FHFA rumblings which MHI says could yield securitized MH financing in 2015, 
  • plus three items that came in late Friday,

any one of which could be noteworthy-to-hot.  

1) One Friday tip will hit soon, our source says. If correct, it’s DC and happening perhaps by month’s end. Writing about it won’t stop it.

2) Another is an accomplishment by a state association leader which ought to be cheered. The leader in question wants no publicity, at least not yet.  For those who know, my sincere respects for that leader’s  effort.  More like that needs to happen.

3) Sam Zell’s recent economic comments need to be read. This dovetails with a drafted post we sidelined this weekend. See the link above for the thoughts of the ELS Chairman, echoed by other billionaires.

4) Industry Voices lit up this week, here are 5 fresh letters/OpEds from various MH pros; thoughtful reading, keen industry insights, challenging opinions and viable opportunities:

> Here Comes the Senior Tsunami!

> Kudos for Ron D’Ambra’s thoughtful article on the HUD Code and Manufactured Housing Affordability

> What is it that Manufactured Housing Professionals Want?

> Kudos on the rapidly approaching 5th Anniversary

…and last, but not least…

> Dueling Factions

5) Let’s point you to one more article to consider:

The High Cost of Low Volume MH Sales for Retailers, Communities, Factories and others

6) Back in the day, a pay phone cost ten cents. When someone wanted to anonymously ‘rat out’ another to a law enforcement agency, the slang-of-the-times was they “Dropped a dime” on their enemy, competitor etc…

Rumor has it a tiny circle in MH ‘dropped a dime’ or ‘snitched’ on an widely known MH personality. You can’t ask an agency about this without adding to a problem, so we’ve made no such inquiry. The ‘tip’ could be phony.  What made it slightly noteworthy was a second and third piece of info – with the same tip – that were easily confirmed…

…consider this a flag slightly raised; if its nothing, it vanishes; but if something, don’t be surprised if a visible shakeup in an organization happens, perhaps by year’s end.

More than enough for now, maybe we can use one of those drafted columns mid-next week…thanks for checking back. ##

la-tony-kovach-latonykovach-com- By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.