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An industry buddy of mine remarked with a smile that our newsletters – prior to about 2 weeks ago – reminded him of a Tijuana taxi.  When I asked what he meant by that, he explains that they were “colorful.”

Color has the advantage of catching the eye, and oftentimes for holding someone’s interest. That said, too much can be just that…too much.

Check out the whiteboard videos, below.

So if you clicked today on the newsletter blog, or if you already get our 2x weekly emailed news updates, here is a mock-up of what it looks like, below. When you finish scrolling it, please make sure you see the details, insights and previews that follow.


—- mock-up of the new emailed news update format —-

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[su_box title=”Headlines” box_color=”#dae5ef” title_color=”#201c1c” radius=”0″]AG halts MHC sale. MHBiz Law Update. Hall of Fame-Celebrate MHPros. Obama OKs Bill-Boost2MH. BC MODs. Drew Jumps. OR media pumps MHCs. 22 New Aug Features![/su_box]

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Our team, sponsors and writers thank YOU and thousands like you who logon daily for making and keep us the #1 source for MH Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use. ©  

We Provide, You Decide.” ©spotlight-wmc-credit-mhpronews-100x100w-bg-(1)

New Red Hot Reads!


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Recent Headlines & Hotly Read

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Recent Sunday Morning Manufactured Housing Industry News Weekly Recaps

—- to see the rest of this emailed news format, click here  —-

The Tijuana taxi did its job. See what third-party MailChimp has to report on MHProNews’ emailed news update, in the video below.



Since we began the evolution – leaving the Tijuana taxi look behind for what is becoming our new emailed news-blasts – we’ve learned that our stats are going higher, and that sign-ups (free subscriptions) for our e-news are rising too.

Our new home page is in the works. It too will be coming soon to a laptop, handheld, iMac or PC near you. Stay tuned…

MH Olympic Tryouts

Frank Griffin, Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Tryouts for a new team member are underway – more to come.

A new pair of third party tips, confidential reports will be investigated, those are coming soon…

From the Many…

In a nation divided, unity isn’t easy to achieve.

In a land where you can get a pretty decent clue as to what a person’s political leanings are by knowing what – if any – news media they read or watch, just being able to bring MH Leaders and Professionals of all political stripes to a single industry news, tips and views website – that’s a major accomplishment.

MHProNews has achieved that feat.

An industry like Manufactured Housing has to have credible, independent, third party news, or it simply isn’t going to get the respect MH so richly deserves.

Ds, Ls, Rs, Is, Gs, Ss, Cs, As – they all surf in here.


From the West to the East coasts, from the Gulf to the Gold Coasts – and in the land-locked states too – they come.

The international and domestic investors and researchers – those pros keen on MH – they come here too.

Whoever you are, you’re here for a good reason. Thousands join you here daily. Decision makers from firms of all types and sizes, come. What’s read or viewed here may be cheered, shrugged or jeered, but it’s thought about and discussed.  

You’re never alone at In a divided land – in a boutique industry that can with the right touch breakout to ever-higher renewed success – wouldn’t you agree that’s a major accomplishment?

Our thanks to one and all who’ve made that possible.

From a humble yet motivated Tijuana taxi, to the next levels of MH Industry achievement, we boldly push head.

To one and all, welcome. The best is yet to come. #

la-tony-kovach-latonykovach-com-L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

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Ph 863-213-4090.

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