Odds, Ends and Manufactured Housing News


English is an incredibly versatile language!  We have so many ways of expressing ourselves, many of them quite polite.  A word like ‘Odds’ can jump to mind for many possible uses:

  • fighting the odds,
  • being at odds (with someone, some group, etc.)
  • odds and evens (as in numbers 1, 3, 5 being ‘odds’)
  • being odd (as in different, unique)
  • odds and ends

The bank I was visiting yesterday had something that was odd, but a nice sort of odd (as in different, unique).  Portraits of various presidents or other American notables hung on the walls, with a quotation from them to the right.

This was one of the quotations:

“No country can long endure if its foundations are not laid deep in material prosperity, which comes from thrift, from business energy and enterprise, from unsparing efforts in the fields of industrial activity; but neither was any country ever truly great if it relied upon material prosperity alone.” 

– Theodore Roosevelt


We plan to come to the end of our current format, as we announced in our last blog post!  We want to move towards a format that is

  • more eye appealing,
  • easier to navigate
  • looks more like a news and views publication

We posted three formats we are considering, and YOUR feedback is appreciated.  Thank you to the many who have privately commented in calls and messages, and those who have posted a public comment.

Please go to Manufactured Housing Face Lift and the News to see the previous post, and kindly do share your feedback and thoughts with us.


If you missed it, please take a look at Manufactured Homes Could Be Part of Post-Tornado Solution in Georgia in the Daily Business News item and the longer Manufactured Homes Could Be Part of Post-Tornado Solution in Georgia in the Industry Voices Guest Blog that dealt with the efforts of some GA MHC owners who are gaining some support in Industry circles for their project to learn the lessons of Katrina, and use manufactured homes as a part of the solution to disaster relief.

To borrow the phrase from ROC, USA, we are better together! # #


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