A Four Letter Word, Boosting BD and Manufactured Housing News

No, not that four letter word…

…Many say the most powerful 4 letter word in marketing is Free. Certainly, free is used to bring more people to an open house (“Free food and drinks!”), more people to a store, more people to a website. Now, what if you could combine Free, with business development (BD) and manufactured housing news?

Well, you can!

Before looking at that, let’s take two quick quotes from the Jim Collins’ book, How the Mighty Fall. We plan a review here in the near future, but let me share those two snapshots that relate to our Industry and this topic.

“Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die, depends more on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.” ~ Jim Collins

I can already imagine the reasoning being used by some as to why this DOESN’T apply to manufactured housing, but let’s not go there today. Please save it for the more in-depth review to come. The second quote is this:

“If you’ve fallen into decline, get back to solid management disciplines – now!” ~ Jim Collins

Solid management disciplines. Best practices. Common sense. These make for great sporting teams, great companies, great industries and careers or personal success stories. They set apart the companies that are profitable in our Industry today from those who struggle or are dying.

Stop and think about the successful firms in our Industry – don’t they have good management disciplines and best practices in place?

Take YOUR reality. Look the cold, hard brutal facts you face in the eye. Then, adopt a plan of action that addresses those specific realities.

Fort Worth, Texas this September 16-18 manufactured home sale

Personnel development leads to business development. On our pages you can find FREE:

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  5. Manufactured housing community upgrade articles by Don Westphal or Chrissy Jackson. If you haven’t checked out Susan Knowles‘ articles lately, learn how to get upgrades for your community that will drive revenue for you, with no cost on your MHC’s part.
  6. Feeling blue, depressed, down in the mouth? Go to the INspirations blog for a lift, or Tim Connor’s blog for a weekly motivational booster.
  7. Podcasts of all feature articles – why not download and listen while driving or exercising?
  8. Podcasts of our Factory-Built Housing News at Noon, with manufactured housing news market reports
  9. Associations page and associations news
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  11. Manufactured housing news updated every business day on our Daily Business News blog, which comes complete with Daily Market Reports! You can track manufactured housing Industry stock results here daily.
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Experts tell us that part of taking control is facing the facts. The more you know, the better you are able to face the facts, weather the storms that may surround you and emerge stronger and more profitable.

We strongly believe that part of the mix for survival and success today are found in associations that protect and promote our Industry. We belong and attend meetings and events. Most of our writers belong and see value. We hope you do too.

The other part consists of the day-by-day ways you learn, practice and grow. Do what 37,044 visitors did in January 2011: log on here for news, tips and views you can use.

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When you grow, when your team members grow, your business will grow. When businesses grow, so will the factory built housing industry. Now, these are manufactured housing news tips and views you can use. # #

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  • Fort Worth, Texas this September 16-18 manufactured home sale
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