Manufacturing to Return to These Shores

The Biz Coach says The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reports wages in China are rising 15 to 20 percent a year, shrinking the difference between U.S. and Chinese pay.  This disparity, combined with growing initiatives in several U.S. states to increase efficiency in production, will ultimately mean the return of manufacturing jobs to our shores.  Goods that are labor intensive such as apparel and electronics may stay offshore, but items that require less labor, such as household appliances and construction equipment, will relocate here.  The report says production will not likely move to lower-wage cost Southeast Asia countries because they lack the infrastructure, skills and shipping facilities to support large-scale manufacturing.  Toy manufacturer Wham-O last year returned 50 percent production of its Hula-Hoops and Frisbees to the U.S.  The article also strongly suggests our different levels of government need to take advantage of this shift.

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