Manufactured Housing Shipments to West Virginia are Down

WRTF7 in West Virginia says the number of manufactured homes shipped to the state fell from 4,700 in 1995 to 1,833 in 2007.  Last year 1,100 were sold in the state.  Manufactured housing used to claim 60 percent of all housing starts here, according to West Virginia Housing Institute Executive Director Andrew Gallagher, but that number has dropped to 35 percent.  In 2008, The Home Show President Steve Brown said, “You can get into a home with payments as low as $250 on some single sections.”  Today, his 11 dealerships in West Virginia and Kentucky are owned by Clayton Homes of Maryville, Tennessee.  Charles Crihfield said his customers could obtain financing in 2006-2007 in his first year, but he had to close both dealerships in 2010.  He said even though new manufactured homes now resemble stick-built homes, when attempting to obtain financing for a manufactured home, for purposes of appraisal it may be compared to a multi-sectional down the street instead of the stick-built home closer in size, age and condition next door.

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