Manufactured Housing Residents to Receive Relocation Expenses

Residents of the Pan and Fork manufactured housing community in Basalt, Colorado, just northwest of Aspen will be compensated for relocating due to a redevelopment project slated for their community. The town, which co-owns the property with the non-profit Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation, needs to do flood mitigation and infrastructure work at the site before it is re-purposed as commercial space, a city park and a nonprofit campus. The compensation is based on the number of children in each family and the amount of time they have lived at Pan and Fork. At a meeting with town officials and eight of the families, which the town intends to relocate by the end of Sept., the payment for them will include $7,800, which is the equivalent of a year’s rent in the community, $5,000 for a deposit on a new home, and $7,500 for relocating or abandoning each home. In all, 122 residents occupying 38 manufactured homes need to be moved. According to aspendailynews, the current town ordinance calls for new homes be given to those displaced by redevelopment, but an amendment to the ordinance currently in process will provide for relocation assistance. MHProNews has learned the town will put a $5 million bond issue on the ballot Nov. 5 to help pay for relocation and infrastructure expenses.

(Photo credit: TriStar Estates)

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