Manufactured Housing: More Bang for the Buck

Inside of a Nobility manufactured home. Credit: Nobility Homes.

Bill and Mary Ann Ridenour became “empty nesters” recently, and were left with a 3,200 square foot house.

As many couples do in this situation, the Ridenours decided to downsize.

And they discovered the magic of manufactured housing.

When I tell people what we did they think I’m joking,” said Mary Ann Ridenour.

According to The Sentinel, their move is not uncommon.

As housing costs remain high in many parts of the country, many are discovering that manufactured housing is an affordable option.

The goal for the Ridenours was cost cutting, as Mary Ann, who works full-time as a court reporter, started a side business about a year ago. The couple wanted more cash to support her endeavor, so they wanted to eliminate their $1,800 monthly mortgage payment.

We were working our butts off to live in this big house that we didn’t need,” said Ridenour. “We thought, ‘Why are we paying this ridiculous mortgage on this home?’ It was strapping us.

They bought their 3-bedroom, 2-bath manufactured home with a half-acre of land about 10 years ago for $143,000 and moved into it last year. Ridenour admits that the decision to move into it took some adjustment.

It’s not a sign of a great accomplishment that I’ve moved from a big beautiful home to a trailer [sic],” said Ridenour with a slight laugh.

Once we swallowed our pride, we now find the awkwardness when people realize our living conditions amusing.

Mary Ann Ridenour says she and her husband are much happier without having to worry about money.

The Ridenours have discovered, as many others have, that the old stereotypes about “mobile homes” are just that – old stereotypes. Modern design and high quality at an affordable price are all benchmarks of modern manufactured homes.

Credit: MHProNews.


Experts also agree that manufactured housing revives the dream of homeownership.

In some ways, this could be looked at as the new American Dream because the old American Dream has become unreachable for so many people,” said Daniel Levine, director of the Avant-Guide Institute, a business that watches consumer trends.

Emily and Jesse McBroom of Denton, Texas, are an example.

Emily and Jesse McBroom. Credit: The Sentinel.

They wanted to own their own home, pay down student debt and have money to travel. Paying $29,000 for their manufactured home on seven acres of land allowed them to do just that.

We could get a brand-new trailer home [sic] with the newest appliances and pay less than the cheapest rent in the area,” said Emily McBroom.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, most references to “mobile homes” by publications are incorrect, as the last mobile home was built in the U.S. in 1976.

For a more detailed history on the journey from mobile to manufactured homes, please click here. ##


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