Manufactured Housing Communities Continue Sheltering Sandy Victims

As the federal housing assistance program for victims of Hurricane Sandy winds down to an end April 1, over 80 New Jersey families continue to live in temporary quarters, including in manufactured homes (MH) in manufactured housing communities (MHCs). Gov. Chris Christie has asked the federal government to extend the funding for six more months so “our hardest hit residents can continue to receive much needed financial and direct housing assistance until their homes are repaired or they can find more permanent housing.”

According to, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has housed 32 families in MHCs, and 42 in converted apartments at Fort Monmouth, NJ. The governor’s office said 75 of those are homeowners, and 31 of them have been approved for grants up to $150,000 under the state’s Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation grant program for rebuilding. However, has learned of long delays in the funding. Gov. Christie wrote, “Unfortunately, rebuilding does not happen overnight and these residents need additional time to return to permanent housing.”

(Photo credit: Wikipedia–Hurricane Sandy damage)

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