Manufactured Housing an Option to Increase Affordable Housing

With the goal of 15 percent of the housing in Carrboro, North Carolina to be in the affordable range by 2020, the Board of Aldermen held a roundtable discussion about a variety of possibilities. According to, Alderperson Jacquelyn Gist, noting affordable doesn’t just mean just low mortgage rates, adds, “but affordable to stay in and maintain.” She further mentions off-site built homes as an option: “ It’s affordable, it’s very nice, and it’s verboten around here. I just wonder if we want to look again at easing our rules on manufactured housing (MH).” When another member of the board suggested increasing taxes, Ms. Gist replied, “There are many members of our community for whom the tax rate is making living here unaffordable. And they tend to be our older residents, people who have been here a long time, people who have owned their houses for a long time.” The goal is to have some strategies planned before the summer break. As MHProNews knows, North Carolina ranks fourth of all the states in MH shipments. ##

(Image credit: Royal Homes of Raleigh in North Carolina)

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