Manufactured Home Community Residents Air Complaints

Led by resident Brooke Mathers of Lazy Wheels Mobile Home Park in Bothell, Washington, over 90 residents of manufactured housing communities (MHCs) from around the state met with dispute resolution personnel from the Washington attorney general’s office, local officials, representatives of manufactured homeowners organizations and Linda Garcia, co-owner of Lazy Wheels. Mathers said Lazy Wheels manager Nancy Phillips neglects complaints, bullies residents which makes them afraid to come forward with issues, takes advantage of Latino residents who are not fluent in English and is inconsistent with rental charges. Garcia said, “Nancy is an eccentric person, but is extremely diligent. The trailer park is her life and she loves to help people. She bends over backwards to help anyone who needs it and we feel so lucky to have her.”

Debbie Blessington of Bothell’s Code Enforcement Division said there are many violations at the community but most are homeowners who have made modifications without the proper permits. There is an ongoing issue about some empty manufactured homes at Lazy Wheels, according to Garcia said she is in the process of determining if they need to be repaired or demolished. As MHProNews has learned, Blessington said issues with management are a legal matter, not a city matter. Mathers plans to call more meetings in the future.

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