Malaysia Partners with Japanese Firm on Modular Homes

The chairman of the Putrajaya affordable housing agency PR1MA in Malaysia has announced a joint effort with Japanese modular home builder Sekisui Chemical to build 500,000 affordable homes within the next five years, which would help fulfill the promise of the Barisan Nasional government. Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis says, “ The prime minister had pledged to build 500,000 affordable homes and if we keep using the conventional system, it is impossible to reach the five-year target. Now we are looking at a new high-tech system of industrialized homes. Like building cars, houses are also built in a factory and only 10 per cent of the house constructions will be built on site.” While only single-story homes will be built in the beginning, multistory dwellings will come later. According to, the joint venture will provide Malaysians with high-skilled employment opportunities, and create a network of vendors of modular homes. As MHProNews has learned, Kuala Lumpur is the national capital of Malaysia, but Putrajaya serves as the federal administrative center of the country.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia–Putrajaya, Malaysia)

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