Kenya to Build Panelized Homes

According to standardmedia in Kenya, Africa, the National Housing Corporation (NHC), a division of the Ministry of Housing for 49 years (since independence) has only been able to erect 50,000 units of affordable housing per year while the need is for 200,000. NHC is now preparing to build panelized homes made of expanded polystyrene panels that are attached to galvanized rods that are set vertically into the foundation. Heated polystyrene beads expand and form a very strong, insulating bond that is then used to make the six inch thick walls, which are then sprayed with a special cement. The same material is used for the floors and ceiling but with a different thickness, and could be utilized in a 20-story building. The panelized construction is no less expensive than traditional stone homes because all the materials have to be imported into this east central African country. As MHProNews has learned, Kenyan-made steel is not of sufficient quality for the project. This house takes 38 days to construct whereas a stone bungalow requires 72 days. Unfortunately, while the NHC is ready, the government does not own land where the homes could be built and must rely on private developers.

(Photo credit: kenya-africa—Nairobi, Kenya)

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