Katrina Cottages may be Heading North

The flooding that ravaged Calgary, Alberta, Canada in late June and early July, 2013 has resulted in a housing shortage that one Alderman is seeking to fill using Katrina Cottages. While relatively inexpensive at $115 a foot, the units are also small and easy to assemble. Alderman Druh Farrell would ease regulations so the cottages could be sited in yards adjoining flooded homes until the owners’ have repaired their own homes. “We’ve got students coming back to school in the fall, we have workers (that) are coming to help rebuild our city. Where will they stay?” Farrell asks. “And all the people who’ve been displaced while they’ve been rebuilding their homes — where do they go?” As rvbusiness informs MHProNews, Katrina Cottages were used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that battered New Orleans, displacing the notorious FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers.

(Photo credit: huffingtonpost.ca)

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