Judge Calls Alabama Immigration Law Discriminatory

Following up on a story we published Nov. 28, 2011, MontgomeryAdvertiser reports Federal Judge Myron Thompson issued an injunction Monday against part of the Alabama immigration law that prevents undocumented aliens from entering into any type of business transaction with the state. He called the law “discriminatorily based.” The injunction derived from a lawsuit brought by two Mexican nationals who live in manufactured homes in Elmore County. Their suit against the Department of Revenue and the Elmore County Probate judge’s office claimed HB 56 prevented them from registering their homes, and would force them to leave the state even though their children are U.S. citizens. Judge Thompson wrote, “They face civil and criminal liability for not paying their manufactured home tax, while simultaneously facing civil and criminal liability if they attempt to remove their homes from the state. They can neither stay, nor can they go.” He further notes that Alabama’s history of assisting children regardless of their parents actions suggests the law is discriminatory against Latinos in general, and will likely be overturned.

(Photo credit: MontgomeryAdvertiser/Mickey Welch)

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