Is the Gold Tarnishing at Golden Homes?

The NorthKitsapHerald reports from Poulsbo, Washington incorrect serial numbers on a house, an MH paid for but not delivered, incomplete contracts, purchase and sale agreements withheld, and uncompleted work on a manufactured home are all charges being leveled at Kelly Rohr, owner of Golden Homes of Poulsbo, just outside Seattle. has learned of one couple who allegedly won a judgment of more than $50,000 against the firm and is still trying to collect the full amount. Despite outstanding sales awards from a manufactured home producer and a list of ten homes scheduled for delivery June to Sept. 2012, public records indicate fines for unlicensed work, expired permits and business licenses, unpaid workman’s compensation premiums, as well as unresolved complaints from the Better Business Bureau. Rohr, who said business is off 80% percent since he bought the company in 2003, says losses he has sustained, including a $175,000 judgment against a customer that has not been paid, have forced him to be “stiffer” with his contracts.

(Photo credit: NorthKitsapHerald/Kipp Robertson

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