SOR=Saving Our Republic-Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich-It’s up to you, New York, New York

SoheylaKovach-member-LifeStyleFactoryHomesLLC-MHLivingNewsMHProNews-50x50Part of what made America uniquely great was applying a then radical notion at this nation’s founding. A republic is a land of laws! – vs. a place of privilege, power, money or men. A republic is a country where people are equal under the law, which the people help craft and enforce. The blindfolded Lady Justice symbolically means -justice doesn’t see color, religion, sex, money or social status. What Lady Justice sees are the facts of a case; those are symbolically “weighed in the scales” by a jury and judge, and ideally, those weighed realities are equally and fairly applied to all.

Republic – Things of the People – Of We the People. Image credit – screen capture from – Google’s defintions.

Regardless if you are a fan of Democrats or not is irrelevant to the following point. 

Lady Justice is blindedfolded so that she doesn’t play favorites. The scales are supposed to weigh the truth of a matter, and judge according to the facts and fairness, as determined by a jury of the accused peer’s and a judge to preside. Lady Justice – credit –

If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is allowed to:

  • wink at national security and related laws, erase records and then lie about it,
  • or if President Obama can act as emperor and issue edicts that go around the Congress or courts, 
  • or if illegal immigration gets those illegal migrants the same rights as legal immigrants or natural born citizens do, 

then the grand vision of the just Republic we Americans pledge allegiance to would tragically be over.

And if the American Republic is allowed to die?  

Then only power, money and connections will rule the land. 

That’s what’s wrong now, and the above isn’t meant to limit the abuse to one party; both major parties have had members who’ve abused power and the system. Combine that problem with an all-too-often slanted – or ignorant? – MSM, and what you have are key elements of what’s harming our MH Industry, the millions we serve and 310 million others in the U.S.A..

Today, we have tens of millions of frustrated voters and citizens. We are at a historic tipping point. Liberty, Prosperity and Peace are all at stake in 2016. If the powers-that-be somehow cheat “We, the People” in this upcoming election, then at some stage, violence will regrettably erupt. 

Hillary Clinton – l -Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz – John Kasich – Bernie Sanders – Donald J. Trump – photo credit, CNN. Original article by Soheyla Kovach on this topic, linked here.

Freedom’s Safest Place…

Knowing that to be true, some in the government want to take away or marginalize the Second Amendment. Ironically, it’s clear from Chicago, Brussels or other cities that having tough gun control – disarming honest people – helps criminals and terrorists, while harming innocent citizens.  

The rich have their body guards, right? Don’t “We, The People” in a Republic, deserve the same right to protect ourselves?

The Founders of this grand nation answered that question YES, through the Second Amendment.

What Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders Said…

While on the stump for his wife, Bill Clinton said in fairly open code recently what a disaster President Obama has been for the nation in domestic and foreign policy. The irony, of course, is that Bill’s comments could be seen as applying to anyone – such as Hillary – who publicly supported – then and now – President Obama’s policies.

Bernie Sanders understandably blasted Hillary Clinton for her;

  • many policy failures,
  • millions in super-PAC money she’s been given and
  • bad votes in the Senate.

Are the gloves coming off on the Democratic side of this presidential race?

The irony is that the Democratic positions today hardly resembles the thinking of the Democratic John F. Kennedy Administration of yesteryear. Be it policies Democrats or Republicans passed or funded, harmful positions noted below are reasons why blue collar Democrats and Independents are among the millions who have or would vote for Donald Trump. 

Mr. Trump wants to end:

  • high taxes and regulatory overreach,
  • end horrible, job killing trade deals which sucks higher-paying manufacturing and other jobs overseas,
  • bring back trillions of dollars kept offshore,
  • create millions of good, new jobs by protecting and growing U.S. Industry,
  • wants to temporarly halt immigration from lands where Muslim Jihadis may come from (a common-sense move, since terror attacks in Europe are linked to such unvetted immigrants),
  • wants the U.S. borders enforced, and
  • wants immigration and other laws to apply. Note this last point, in relation to this column’s opening! The Rule of Law! It’s those later points why the border agents, Arizon’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others stong on border control endorse Donald Trump.

Applying those bullet points (no Second Amendment pun intended) would naturally cause wages for working citizens and those here legally in the USA to rise. Why? Because the law of supply and demand would work for blue collar, working class and all other people legally in the U.S.. 

Short-sighted chamber types who wish there were no such thing as E-Verify should note that naturally rising wages means more buying power, and that motivating people yields good employees.

In the mid-to-long run, all Americans win, as once happened when the industrial and agrarian revolutions slowly moved America into a modern age that raised the standard of living for this nation’s people.

More jobs and more revenue would,

  • boost American business,
  • increase tax revenues flowing into the revenue department,
  • while unemployment and other social service/entitlement costs to government would drop as jobs and wages both grow, all naturally.

Economic growth could reduce the debt and improve our national infrastructure, which again would fuel more growth and opportunities.

Reversing corporate inversions, bringing back trillions of dollars parked overseas as Donald Trump has discussed, all of these are reasons to embrace this movement that seeks to reverse decades of failed policies passed or allowed to exist by the 2 major parties.

A Production and a Service Nation

We learned that the so-called service economy can be a mirage; a dead end. Service jobs that used to be done by Americans, like phone room or online computer tech support work, are now done offshore too.

With workforce participation at a multi-decades low, and 96 million Americans not in the official labor force, that’s a klaxon that only Donald Trump is routinely sounding the alarm on. 

The U.S.A. and its people must become producers again. We must protect our own people first, and without apology! Production and a good economy are needed for a strong military, which can defend us against any who mean Americans harm. 

Bumper Sticker Slogans vs. Prudent Policies

Part of the genius of the Trump Campaign to this stage of the primaries have been to energize people around common-sense concepts that resonate and fire them up. In a Twitterverse of bumper stickers and media sound bites, you better have shorthand that cuts to the chase! 

But you also can’t ignore those who want and need more details.  To win an election, ideally, you need both elements.

That’s the balance that Mr. Trump must seek;

  • lots of his proven rallies, with throngs of enthusiastic people, and
  • once or twice weekly policy speeches with TelePrompTers like he used at AIPAC, to allow him to give the policy meat-and-potatoes that will make him ‘presidential’ to others, and thus quiet the opposition trying to derail him now.

That one-two Populist-Presidential combo along with a growing number of sharp, intelligent and well spoken ‘faces’ from his campaign on TV – would send his approvals up, disapproval down and allow him to finish the race as a winner; so together we can Make America Great Again.  

Doubters should keep in mind that at about this time in his successful campaign, Ronald Reagan began a 35 point upswing in his favorability.  This is doable!

Neo-Cons vs. Common Sense Conservatism

There is a difference between so-called neo-cons, and the common-sense, America First policies Mr. Trump promotes. 

Senator Ted Cruz attacks Mr. Trump about his giving money to candidates in both parties. The Donald didn’t hide that fact; rather, he raised the topic himself and explained it’s the way the system works today. Knowing the game allows Mr. Trump to fix the problems that Cruz and other politicians in both parties thrive upon.

Campaign Contributions 

FYI, if you’re in business or know business people, odds are good you know they often do the same as Mr. Trump. Democratic business professionals we know give to Rs as well as Ds. Republican business people give to Ds as well as Rs. They give to each party’s candidates, for the reasons Mr. Trump explained. That’s the way things are now and have been operating for decades. You have to pay and play the game in order to get along and get things done for your business.

Cruz plays the DC and political game too, only differently. Cruz hopes pointing fingers at a rival will keep people from noticing his own deep establishment ties, his changing positions, related posturing and role-playing. 

It will take a Trump to bump: 

  • the current, flawed DC crony capitalism, 
  • stupid trade deals, or 
  • poor foreign and domestic policy stances to the curb, 

so the current mess can fall into the gutter where it all belongs. 

New York, right now, it’s up to You!

I said in my first column about the 2016 presidential election the reasons why either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be a disaster for America. In that article, written from my perspective as a European-educated Iranian woman turned American, I outlined 12 specifics why Donald Trump was the best choice, noting that I’d vote for any of the three remaining Republicans rather than see Hillary or Bernie win. 


FYI, The Gateway Pundit  thoughtfully cited the first article at length, which contributed to over 2000 websites picking it up in a matter of days (thank you, Jim Hoft! :-).

Many asked me to write again, so I’m hereby answering those requests by spotlighting election issues that thinking people who love America and want us to be safer and greater again should consider and share.

The 3 Interesting Things to Know about Senator Ted Cruz:

1) Rafael “Ted” Cruz’s father fought with Castro before leaving Cuba; it was the elder Cruz’s sister that fought against the Communist regime there.  

2) Mr. Cruz placed second in the 2012 Texas Republican primary for that state’s second senate seat, behind then-Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. It was low voter turnout that helped Cruz get to a runoff, and low voter turnout that allowed him to beat Dewhurst in the runoff election. Would Cruz have won his senate seat in a state other than a red one like Texas?  Does anyone see a similarity to Cruz running second to Donald Trump, and hoping to outmaneuver his rival for delegates which the junior Texas Senator often couldn’t win when there where high pro-Trump voter turnouts? 

3) Ted’s wife Heidi’s ties to Goldman Sachs makes the junior senator from Texas anything but an outsider. He’s a debate champion, and a former prosecutor. Both facts means he knows how to rehearse lines, and deliver them well. But he’s clearly a game player, who postures at taking the high-road – first against Marco Rubio, and now against Donald Trump – all the while misrepresenting some of his opponents positions and avoiding admitting some of his own flip-flops on issues.  This is why Governor Kasich and Donald Trump have referred to him as “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.” 

Why Republicans lost in 2012, and in 2008

Republicans elites essentially picked John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012. My husband, son and I all went to see each of the three Republican candidates in person in 2012 in Illinois, and saw Governor Chris Christie stand-in for Mitt Romney at another Chicagoland campaign event.  Among those candidates, Governor Romney had by far the lowest turnout. We saw first-hand that Romney had the least enthusiastic crowds compared to: 

  • his surrogate Christie, 
  • or former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich,
  • or former Senator Rick Santorum.

How did the RINO-Romney win the nomination? Lots more money, the larger party apparatus and organization.

The Reality of the Vote

While millions cast a thoughtful ballot, millions of others cast one based upon fleeting impressions; and that later group’s votes count the same as anyone else’s. 

Fast-forward to the present. No one could have been more surprised to see Marco Rubio turn on a dime, and become an attack dog for the “Stop Trump” movement. It no doubt helped cause Senator Rubio a big loss in his home state.

The path for a Trump victory electorally before the Republican Party’s convention has narrowed. New York could make the difference. 

A vote for Kasich or Cruz in New York might as well be a vote for a Democrat. Donald Trump alone can put states like New York, New Jersey and other deep blue states into play come November.

Old Blue Eyes and the Donald

My husband and I met at a Frank Sinatra night event. Imagine hearing Old Blue Eyes singing, “It’s up to you, New York, New York.”

Voters in New York ought to rally around Donald Trump, and give him over 50% of the total votes in each congressional district. It would be wise for him to keep his daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania out on the campaign trail with him. He should heed the advice of friendlies, his family and pros like Newt Gingrich, who suggest Mr. Trump needs that weekly dose of presidential speaking now, while keeping up the rallies and doing the organizing needed to be prepared for the next legs of the campaign. 

This is the Time To Unite

Radio talk show host Mark Levin is no Donald Trump fan, but he recently remarked that come the general election, if Trump wins, the conservative movement must rally behind him.  The altnerative is for Hillary or Bernie to get to pick the next few Supreme Court Justices. That would be tragic, and is avoidable. cites a statement that Donald Trump made after his Super Tuesday victories on March 2nd. 

I am a unifier – I know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe, but believe me, I am a unifier, we’re going to be more inclusive,
I think we’re going to be more unified, and I think we’re going to be much bigger party and I think we’re going to win in November.

Falling in Love

When you study to become an American citizen, you want to go deeper than some of the politically correct, but historically-twisted academics who hold negative views of American history akin to what President Obama-does, as Dinesh D’Souza documented in his books and movies.

Indeed everyone who loves America ought to fall in love with this amazing nation’s history. Not because it’s perfect, but because America continued to advance the cause of political, religious and economic freedom that made this land Ronald Reagan’s“…shining city on a hill.”

Unity, Strength and Peace

Abraham Lincoln kept America together. Donald Trump correctly cited Lincoln as one of America’s greatest presidents. It regrettably took a war to hold the states united. Had Lincoln failed, the states could have faced what Europe did for over another century. Namely, off-and-on, hot-or-cold wars between nations, often about the size of America’s states. 

Unity is impotant.  Donald Trump is also right to talk about peace through strength.

People tend to follow the stronger and more charismatic leader, not the weak one. Neville Chamberlain’s weakness lead to the Second World War. Three of Barack Obama’s own former Secretaries of Defense have sounded the alarm about the risks caused by POTUS’ policies. To a history enthusiast, it’s no surprise that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s weakness overseas lead to more conflicts and loss of life in the Middle East, in Africa, Europe and here in the U.S.A. too.  

A House Divided Will not Stand 

In a reference to the Bible, Abraham Lincoln famously warned, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Republicans have to unite, and they need to unite with those Democrats and Independents who see the good that the Trump Train Movement could bring to America.

More than one pundit has opined that there would be a strong case for having Trump and Cruz join forces, and have cabinet positions for others who have run in this race. Perhaps including centrist Democrats, like Jim Webb, in such a unity plan would add to its appeal. Some have said Mr. Trump may release a list of possible Supreme Court nominees, and deal with the other questions that his opponents are trying to make hay over.

While that might be like a political dream team to some, the reality is that it is unlikely to happen unless the Establishment types – and those still in the race like Cruz and Kasich – are soundly beaten in New York.  Without a big NY victory, the ‘walk away power’ needed for an Art of the Deal move by Trump is lacking.

Mr. Trump needs to win the nomination outright. If it becomes clear he can, then Cruz, Kasich or others could well coalesce around him, and unite into a powerful force that will win in November.  Furthermore, it would have the expertise to move legislation in Congress in 2017, and reform federal agencies too.  A vote for Kasich or Cruz might as well be a vote for the status quo, or like casting a ballot for Hillary or Bernie.

So if you are in New York, please consider voting for Mr. Trump. If you have friends in New York, send the link of this column to them.

Unity is like dancing, it takes two. We need to have a movement that will truly work to restore the restraints of the Constitution on the federal government. Each piece of the puzzle is needed to make a picture come into focus.

If we each do our part, we can SOR – Save Our Republic.

Right now, its looking like New York could be a great opportunity. It’s Up To You, New York, New York! ##


Soheyla Kovach is a member of Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC – the parent firm to and

Editor’s Note: 1  The original OpEd Soheyla wrote is the runaway hottest topic on the website – and thus the entire MH industry – with more ‘hit’s on this column as the next 50 articles combined.  Soheyla’s original column is linked here or below:

12 Reasons an Educated, Professional Iranian-American Woman Supports Donald Trump

Editor’s Note 2:  
Other thoughtful commentary of optional length on the election or other issues of industry interest are welcomed. As with any OpEd, the views expressed are solely those of the writer, and should not be construed as representing the views of any sponsor, person, other MH Industry group or organization.

Editor’s Updates. 4.10.2016. Not long after Soheyla’s OpEd was published, two noteworthy items have taken place.

1) Mark Levin reversed his statement from the previous day, cited by Soheyla above. What made him do so?  Will he switch again if faced with Hillary or Bernie becoming president?

2) The Boston Globe did a rarely used phony front page to attack Donald Trump, drew it’s related editorial to a conclusion by urging Republicans to derail Ted Cruz too, and suggested Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney in their place. Where is the Boston Globe’s hue and cry over the Democratic front runner being investigated by the FBI? That phony Boston Globe front page is linked here as a download,

3) The rise of alternative media, such as the DrudgeReport (which this editor follows daily, and recommends to others) signaled via Matt Drudge’s tweet on Saturday the phony front page to come.

Front page of Saturday’s Drudge Report, image credit, Drudge Report.
This satirical front page was a response to the fake headlines front page the Boston Globe created. Image credit,

These incidents underscores the point that the opposition to Trump is amazingly high, but harkens back to the stiff opposition that Ronald Reagan faced from inside and outside of his party in 1980.  Reagan overcame high media opposition and Establishment Democrats and Republicans, reversed his unfavorablity in polls by about 35 points, as Soheyla noted above.  How stiff is the opposition to Mr. Trump?  Monday morning’s Drudge headlines speaks volumes.

DrugeReport top headlines 4.11.2016, image credit is a screen capture of the DrudgeReport, and these are presented here under Fair Use guidelines.

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