Paul Bradley ROCUSA Reacts, NPR’s “Mobile Home Park Owners Can Spoil An Affordable American Dream”


Part I of the NPR story needed a balanced industry response that came clean first and then provided many real examples how “the charges” are not typical.  I personally know a lot of very good operators and I always offer them as examples when I’m called.


Part II of the NPR story delved into resident ownership and I expect more coverage as reporters look to bring voice to President-elect Trump’s voters.  Couple that with the entrepreneurial spirit and return to local ownership that is resident ownership through and through and you can see why I expect great opportunities under President Trump and his focus on America first.

To see our interview, A Cup of Coffee with Paul Bradley, click here.

Paul Bradley

(Editor’s Note: Bradley is reacting to the NPR story, see our initial report, linked here. Bradley recently purchased a manufactured home for his mother, see that story linked here.)

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