Industry Pros Express Concerns over Dodd-Frank Implementation

Manufactured housing personal property (chattel) lenders state that unless amended, once rule making goes into effect on the Dodd-Frank Act (Dodd-Frank), loans on homes under $78,000 will become history due to the increasing fixed transactional costs per loan required by the law.  MH lenders’ records reveal that most personal property loans on manufactured homes are under $50,000.  So without amendments, this bill stands to harm consumers of such homes along with the retailers, communities, manufacturers and suppliers who serve them.  Thousands of jobs would be lost, as industry shipments based on current trends could plunge under the 35,000 annual mark.  MHI and state associations across the country are working on aligning a bi-partisan effort to modify the bill to avoid these unintended legislative consequences.  When a bill is filed, which informed sources tell MHMSM will take place soon, be prepared to line up the support of your congressional representative and senators.

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