Industry Leaders Work on FEMA Plan Using MHCs in Tornado-ravaged States

A group of MH Industry leaders is working with MHC (manufactured home communities) owners David Roden and Spencer Roane who are spearheading a plan for FEMA in disaster areas in the southern U.S.  Some manufacturers, association leaders and businessmen are working on a plan that avoids FEMA’s past missteps, saves tax payers money and can be rapidly implemented.  Discussions include using green community series homes (CHS) that are Energy Star qualified.  MHMSM has been told that one MHC owner reported being contacted by FEMA.  The proposal would require updating files on the available vacant home sites, and then site Community Series Homes (CSH) in these communities that have vacancies to house homeless victims.  After the homes are no longer needed, the community owners would have the opportunity to buy the homes from FEMA.  One participant pointed out that every business in Hackleburg, Alabama, was wiped out except River Birch Manufactured Homes, which could put a lot of people to work and stimulate the local economy and the industry.  Details are developing, including contacts with governors, congressmen and senators to help bring the plan to fruition.  For more information on this proposal, read Manufactured Homes Could Be Part of Post-Tornado Solution in Georgia in the Industry Voices Guest Blog.

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