HUD’s March, 2010 Draft Memorandum On Field Guidance And Certification Reports

Attached is draft field guidance for IPIAs to use in conducting Plant certifications or certification updates. If the guidance is followed and the IPIA has made on-going observations and records as to the manufacturer’s implementation of the revised QA or QC procedures, the IPIA will reduce the time and effort to prepare the report and allow HUD program staff to more accurately evaluate your efforts. The report will probably be no more than 5 to 10 pages which includes attachments.

Both your HUD program liaison and IBTS will be making follow up calls to answer any questions or comments you may have. We will circulate a final document after your comments have been received. In addition, please be prepared to discuss the status of all your clients and where they are at in the SOP phase.

Any plants that you have finished evaluating and feel satisfied that they can continue to build complying homes and their manual is up to date should be reported on at the time of the call. You will be asked to follow up with a list of those plants.

If you are having any difficulty with any of your client’s plants in motivating them of updating their QA manual and procedures, be prepared to discuss those concerns as well.

Download the original (March 3, 2010) attachment here »

Download the March 4, 2010 attachment here »

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