Houseboats to Houses and Back

As follow-up to a story we posted Jan. 2, 2012, Stardust Cruisers, the luxury houseboat company in southeastern Kentucky that transformed its production line to build modular homes, has completed its second energy-efficient modular home, utilizing the same material used in making houseboats. Kentucky Highlands Corporation, Kentucky Housing, and the Center for Applied Energy Research at the University of Kentucky’s College of Design collaborated to help Stardust make the 1,000 square foot two-bedroom homes. As TheRepublic of Columbus, Indiana tells, the project’s goal is to re-start the houseboat industry utilizing more cutting-edge technology. Managing member of Stardust Bruce Chestnut credits the project with keeping his doors open and employees working, saying he now has orders for six boats and 60 employees, as the company has started to bounce back.

(Photo credit: Kentucky)

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