House Energy and Commerce Committee Passes Critical Amendment on the Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing

Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee met in an open “markup” session and passed an amendment offered by Rep. Baron Hill of Indiana on Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes.

Specifically, this amendment would offer $7,500 rebates which may be used to facilitate the purchase of a new Energy Star qualified home. It also adds a decommissioning grant of up to $2,500 which can only be used to cover the cost of removing the home.

This amendment is part of the overall legislative efforts MHI is working on to increase the amount of financial assistance to owners of pre-1976 homes who purchase a new Energy Star manufactured home. Similar amendments to the proposal are also being considered in the Senate. MHI will keep members apprised of developments.

Replacement of old mobile homes with new ENERGY STAR units substantially reduces energy use and improves home affordability, easing the financial burden on families struggling to meet monthly homeownership costs. It will provide substantial and sustainable energy savings and reduction in greenhouse gases, and provide a powerful engine of job creation in the United States, and improve affordability and financial stability for families most in need. Stimulating the economy is high on the priority list for legislators in 2010. Congressional leaders are currently crafting a multi-bill jobs agenda. MHI is advocating inclusion of the “Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Act of 2009” within the “Jobs for Main Street” package.

Special thanks to MHI member, Ms. Stacey Epperson, President, Frontier Housing and Emanuel Levy, Executive Director, Systems Building Research Alliance for their organizations supporting efforts to replace pre-1976 mobile homes with ENERGY STAR manufactured homes.

If you are a member and have questions, contact Rae Ann Bevington at 703-558-0675 or

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