Hexagonal Modular Home arrives as Flatpack

HIVEHAUS is a modular hexagonal housing unit composed of six-sided self-contained 100 square foot modules that can be arranged in many configurations to suit the homeowner’s needs. Set on adjustable legs to allow for uneven ground, the units arrive as a flatpack and require 2-3 people to assemble. The product of United Kingdom designer Barry Jackson, slate.com tells MHProNews each module has a skylight and interior partition walls that can contain pocket doors and a fold out kitchenette that conforms to the hexagonal shape. Having a baby? Add another module as a nursery. Made from a lightweight steel frame and wood panels, the modular unit can accommodate a variety of heating, cooling and plumbing options including solar panels, rainwater harvesting and composting toilets.

(Photo credit: slate.com/Barry Jackson–HIVEHAUS)

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