Groups Raising Funds for Battle Over Vacancy Decontrol

Oceanside, CA from WikipediaFrom California and the San Diego Union-Tribune, learns that voters there will vote in June on whether to enact vacancy decontrol, which allows current tenants to keep low rents but would allow park owners to charge as they see fit when the homes change hands. According to the report, Oceanside City Council enacted vacancy decontrol in May, but a referendum signed by more than 15,000 Oceanside residents blocked the move. Political Action Committees are in place supporting opposite sides of the issue including Taxpayers & Property Owners for Fairness (Sponsored by Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association PAC for Rental Fairness) on the side of vacancy decontrol and Taxpayers for Oceanside Neighborhoods, which opposes decontrol. According to the report, the Taxpayers & Property Owners for Fairness is ahead in terms of fundraising, reporting $160,775 compared to less than $50,000 for the group opposed to vacancy decontrol.

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

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